The Best!

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Why are these guidebooks the best money can buy?

The guidebooks I write are based upon my personal experience on the summits, on the trails, or off-trail in the Bitterroot Mountains and surrounding Wilderness Areas.  I DO NOT rely on secondhand information for trail and route descriptions.

There is nothing in my guidebooks not based upon my own experiences.  My extensive research includes thousands of  hiking and climbing miles in the Bitterroots—one year’s effort required more than 600 miles.

Unlike many guidebook authors, who reside in states far from the areas of which they write, I live in the place covered in my books.

Even the U.S. Forest Service recognizes my expertise.  They use my GPS tracks (recorded during my extensive research) to help with the production of trail maps of the Bitterroot National Forest for both internal use and the publication of visitor maps.

Signed copies of my books can be purchased from this website.  Unsigned copies may be purchased online from Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or from sporting goods, bookstores, and many other locations in western Montana.