About the Author

My Picture for WebsiteI consider myself to be an “outdoors nut” who believes the long-term survival of wilderness lands is possible only if more people feel they have a vested interest in their preservation.  To encourage more people to visit and develop a connection to one specific wilderness area, I author guidebooks for the Bitterroot Mountains.

A life-long outdoorsman, I live in Corvallis, Montana, at the base of the Bitterroot Mountain Range.  For more than 27 years, I have hiked and climbed in the Rocky Mountains and, for the last 12 years, concentrated my efforts in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains.  Locally, I am regarded as the “go to” expert for information about the trails and summits encompassed within the Bitterroot Mountain Wilderness and surrounding National Forest Lands.

Unlike many guidebook authors, who reside in states far from the areas of which they write, I live in the area covered in my guidebooks.   Continual immersion in the Wilderness area surrounding the Bitterroot Mountains, has contributed greatly to the highly-regarded level of expertise which I have achieved.

Given the importance that wilderness and wild things play in our survival on this planet, I believe it is far past time for us to stop attempting to reshape nature for the sole purpose of satisfying human demands.  It is time to begin learning how to moderate our way of living to fit smoothly into the biophysical limits that nature and the earth provide.  I hope that, in some small way, my guidebooks contribute to visitors to the Bitterroot Mountains experiencing this simple concept.

When not hiking, climbing, or skiing in the Bitterroot Mountains, I continue to write books, short stories, and articles about the subjects I love.